About us

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Our company doesn’t have a long history as we gathered a decade ago. But we rallied around the idea to bring the benefits of plastic and cosmetic surgery to a broad audience, and we have worked hard to achieve it.

   Our start was marked by the difficulty of making the market realize the extent of our capabilities, but some marketing and satisfied clients changed that. Right now we employ over a dozen of specialists that are there to fulfill your requests.


Welcome to the Glanceapp, a website that advertises our company that provides plastic and cosmetic surgery services. Our company has been in existence for around a decade, but this web page is rather new. This page will contain posts about beauty as well as procedures that can be requested both in cosmetic and plastic surgery. We know that beauty is fleeting and that skin and other elements of the body tend to lose their firmness and other properties as the time passes. We are here to help you to maintain a young look even though years are trying to take a toll on your body.

The same goes for scars and other injuries that leave deformities on your body. You don’t have to live with those scars because they are easily removable with proper equipment and specialists. Contact us, and our specialists will remove all types of injuries that diminish your beauty.