Cosmetic and plastic surgery – Two different practices

You probably think that cosmetic and plastic surgeries are two terms that represent the same thing, but that is obviously wrong. These terms tend to be interchangeable because some surgeons decide to move from plastic to cosmetic surgery due to monetary gains that can be achieved in that field. When you compare practices that are present in these fields and the goal of the same then it becomes apparent that these two aren’t same. Both fields have their focus as well as procedures that are unique to it. What each of them covers is the subject of this article.

Differences between plastic and cosmetic surgery

The first difference between these two is seen in their focus. The center of attention of all plastic surgery procedures lies in the repair of defects and reconstruction of injured body parts. This is an operational activity that places its focus on reconstruction of all types of errors, no matter whether they were caused by disease, trauma or even by genetics. The goal of this discipline is to return dignity to the patient and make it possible for them to lead a normal life without any visible or invisible defects. It does pay attention to the visual appearance, but its primary focus lies on repair of defects rather than beautification.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, concentrates on the enhancement of the appearance of the patient. Procedures found within this field aren’t aimed at making it easier for the patient to live through repair of defects that they suffer. Their focus lies on methods that improve aesthetics of the patient. None of these procedures are necessary when observed from the medical point of view. Cosmetic surgery is an extension of the plastic surgery, but the goals of these two fields are not similar at all. Goals of the cosmetic surgeons are to improve symmetry, proportions, and aesthetic appeal of their clients and make more appealing than they naturally are.

Similar and yet so different

These two fields, in the eyes of the law, don’t have anything in common except having procedures that aren’t necessary for the salvation of a patient. Cosmetic and plastic surgery are connected through the fact that the former is based on the later.


Differences between these two might be superficial, but the law recognizes them, and that draws a line between them. A specialist that chooses plastic surgery as their specialization may have knowledge and skills to perform some cosmetic surgeries, but the law forbids that. If one of plastic surgery specialists decides to chase the money and start performing cosmetic surgeries, then they will have to go through training. The training will result in a certificate that will have them be recognized, by law, as a cosmetic surgeon.

The beauty is the ultimate goal

The goal of a patient that approaches us, or any other facility that deals with these types of surgeries, is to become beautiful. Those that opt for plastic procedures want to remove defects they have. Others are simply unsatisfied with parts of their body, and they choose cosmetic surgery to change that.